How to Enable Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode

  • Open Edge
  • In the upper-right corner of any window, click the ellipses button (three dots)
  • Select “Settings” 

  •  Click “Default Browser.”

  • In Default Browser settings, locate the “Internet Explorer Compatibility” section. 
  • Using the drop-down menu beside “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode,” select “Allow.” 
  • Then click “Restart” to restart your browser.

  • IE Compatibility mode is now activated. 
    • Note: Roehampton will apply these options by default but if they are not set or you would like to adjust them please follow the above steps.

How to use IE Compatibility Mode

After Edge reloads, browse to the site you’d like to load in Internet Explorer mode. To switch to IE mode, 

  • Click the ellipses (three dots) 
  • Select “Reload in Internet Explorer mode.” Or you can right-click the tab and select “Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.”
    • Note: “Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.” may be situated under "More Tools"

  • Edge will reload the site in the Internet Explorer engine, and you’ll see an Internet Explorer icon in the left side of the address bar reminding you that you’re in IE mode.

  • To reload the site in Edge
    • Click “Open in Microsoft Edge.” You can also click “Show in Toolbar” to save an icon to your toolbar for a more convenient use.

How to Open specified sites in IE Mode Automatically

If you’d like to open a certain website in IE mode automatically, 

  • Click the IE logo in the address bar of a site you are currently viewing in IE Mode
  • Toggle the switch beside “Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time.” 

  • Alternatively to the above step you can also 
    • Open Settings
    • Default Browser
    • Internet Explorer mode pages > select “Add” 
    • In the “Add a Page” dialog that pops up, type in the address of the site you’d like to always use in IE mode, then click “Add.”

Note: From now on, that website will always load in IE mode for compatibility purposes. Due to possible security risks, Microsoft recommends not using IE mode unless necessary.


Under the “Internet Explorer compatibility” section, the “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge” drop-down menu consists of the following options.

  • Never – IE will never switch to Edge to load the site.
  • Incompatible sites only – IE will still load sites, but websites designed for a modern browser will load in Edge. (Roehampton Default)
  • Always – IE will always switch to Edge to load websites.