Decommissioning of IT hardware & Weee Waste


Example of the process:


A staff member leaves and their device is not viable to be used so it needs to be removed from use so the device state is then changed from “in use” to “retired” in Fresh Service by Field Services, Field Services presently do not inform HR or Finance when devices are Weee wasted this is because HR already have access to the asset database on Fresh Service so they can check for themselves about the present status of any device.


Options for the Fresh Service system that we use at the moment if we don’t see an asset, we can flag it as “Missing” or “Retired” the difference between missing is where an asset hasn't logged into the network for X months and would need to be re-validated before being allowed in.  'Retired' is when an asset is known to have been Weee wasted. Once a device has been sent to Weee waste the Weee waste company takes the device and will either destroy the hard drive or if it can be re-used it’s wiped to military defence standards.


The Weee waste company sends Field Services a list of all the Serial Numbers of the device that they took away and Weee wasted, also Field Services are given a spreadsheet which advises whether the hard drive has been wiped or destroyed.


Desktop printers are not supported anymore by Roehampton, so because we don’t reuse them they can go to Weee waste without being recorded but as part of the course, the company would record them anyway.


Evidence for each device is provided in the following format:

  • Weee waste certificate for the device
  • Note what device was taken away
  • What hard drives were wiped (note of the serial number) and what ones were destroyed



Please see attached Data Capability statement from CDL, which shows the levels of destruction they provide (this was the company that we were using). Roehampton is moving to a new Weee waste provider and once we have completed this process this solution will be updated.