If a member of staff needs to enroll on Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) but is currently abroad (residing outside of the UK) - they must follow the protocol below before their account can be enabled for MFA

It is not possible to enroll for MFA while abroad so once the instructions below have been followed the account will be opened for MFA by IT but please note this will be for a short time period only.

Instructions for the member of staff

Please contact you line manager explaining the situation. You need to set up MFA but currently this is restricted to only allowing users to set up in the UK. To gain access to your account and for us to allow you to proceed in setting up MFA we will need you to do the following.

Confirm who you are: 

  1. Contact you line manager explaining they need to approve this request
  2. Your line manager will need to contact the Service Desk to explain they have spoke to you and can confirm you are who you say you are. 
  3. We will then allow access to MFA for your account outside of the UK
  4. You will need to set up MFA asap as soon as we tell you that this has been accepted. 

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