If a member of staff or student has changed their password but is still experiencing difficulties logging onto their Roehampton account please see the following advice

  • Please wait at least 15 minutes before trying out a new password as it can take time for new passwords to replicate across all our servers
  • Try using an incognito or private browsing window which will avoid conflict with any saved passwords on your device/s
  • You are strongly advised to update your password to the new one on all your devices (laptops; desktops; phones; tablets etc.) - as old passwords on other devices may result in your account repeatedly locking out.  


If you need advice on clearing out old, 'cached' saved passwords on your personal device see below


Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox 



Microsoft Edge



Safari (Apple Mac) 


Windows Credential Manager



Deleting Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

In the Windows Search box (screen bottom right) type Settings then select

Network & Internet


Manage known networks. (If not available, refer to Microsoft's Manage wireless network profiles article and follow the instructions for "Show all wireless profiles on the PC" and "Delete a profile")

Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network e.g. UoR Staff ; UoR Student 

Click or tap Forget