Go to the link below:


scroll to the bottom of the page, click 'FC'

on the next page provided should be one result (shown below). click continue.

you'll need to create an IBMid next in order to download the fix pack. (you can use your roehampton email)

after inputting your preferred email, your first and last name and a password of your choice. you'll receive a verification code to the email you chose, you will need to input that code once clicking 'Verify'.

continue to download the fix pack (you may need to refresh the page or click the back arrow on your browser if there's an issue).

( ensure you download it via your browser as it may opt for download via 'download director'. If it does at the bottom of that page there should be a link / option for alternative methods to download the fix pack, click there and choose download using your browser. )

once the fix pack is downloaded, run the file and the IBM SPSS installation wizard should appear. follow the steps to install SPSS. 

(if the downloaded file won't run and you get an error message that the file is 'from an unidentified developer', go to the file through 'finder' and ctrl click / right click the downloaded fix pack file and click the 'open' option. it should then bring up the same error message but with the option to open it now.)

via launchpad go to IBM SPSS and open the Licence authorization wizard programme. use this licence code when prompted.  e0285d84799145af4f1c 

once the licence authorization wizard steps are complete you will now be able to open and use SPSS v26. Be mindful that the spss apps may be grouped together or separately in launchpad. (you may need to restart your device first.)

if there is an issue with the licence code not being accepted / recognised: (may need an Analyst to remote in / zoom call to talk through it) please try these steps:

1) Open up FINDER 
2) Open up the APPLICATIONS folder 
3) Open up the IBM folder 
4) Open up the SPSS folder 
5) Open up the Statistics folder 
6) Open up the folder for version of product
7) Locate the "SPSSstatistics.app" (application bundle) right click, and choose "Show Package Contents". 
8) Open up the "Contents" folder 
9) Open up the "bin" folder 
10) Locate and Control Click the file echoid.dat and choose Open With, and then choose to open it with TextEdit.app (pre-installed on a Mac below Applications\Utilities folder)
11) Change the value in the file echoid.dat from 0x010 to 0x004 
12) Save the echoid.dat file with same name
13) Delete the current license file LSERVRC file in this directory (if one exists, if not continue) 
14) Run the License Authorization Wizard of SPSS on /Applications/IBM/SPSS/<product>/<version>/ while the computer is connected to the internet . Make sure you see a lock code that begins with 4- on the wizard now. Use the same 20 digit authorization code you got before
15) REBOOT the Mac.
16) then launch SPSS product. The software should now launch without error.