Endnote X9 upgrade


Important - This is for a personal license you can download onto 3 computers but not use concurrently. This is a unique license to you – please do not share.  


Please back up your existing Endnote library   


You do this by creating a compressed EndNote Desktop Library. A compressed EndNote Library incorporates your regular EndNote Library file (.enl) and its associated Data folder (.data) into a single file.  

The compressed EndNote Library has an .enlx extension, and is smaller in size than the regular EndNote file (.enl) and its associated Data folder (.data).


• To create a compressed EndNote Library:

• Open your existing EndNote Library

• Go to File > Compressed Library. Leave the options as they are: Create, With File Attachments, All References in Library.

• Press Next, specify where you would like to save the file (should be the same location as your .enl file and .data folder), and press Save.

• You have now created a new compressed EndNote Library (.enlx).

Endnote X9 installation for personal PCs and Macs.

All office programs need to be closed first otherwise it will fail the install and will not download.

Select the appropriate installer  

You will be asked to Run, Save or Cancel 

· Select Run 

· Select Next 

· Enter the product Key - Given in your HoD Approval email

· Select Next 

· Add your name and University of Roehampton 

· Select Next 

· Read and accept agreement 

· Select Typical – if you have changed your settings in your previous EndNote - they will not be saved automatically. 

· Select C:\Program Files\EndnoteX9\Files as default 

· Select Next 

· Select Next 

If asked if you want to upgrade to full version select Yes  

EndNote will then install.

Once installed 

To open Endnote and move your old library into Endnote X9.

Type “Endnote” into Window’s search box – Bottom left of screen

Click on Endnote 

You may be asked if want to download full version now – Select Yes

Endnote will load in background

Ignore all pop-up help and information screens.

Go to Top Left of screen – File – Open New Library

You will be asked to “Select a Reference Library” to open – Choose the saved compressed Endnote library you made earlier with an .enxl file extension.

This will then load and will replicate your groups and structure as before with all the pdfs attached.