If you or someone else with mental or physical disability require general help due to problems affecting normal routines, such as accessibility obstructions or if extra assistance is needed , please do the following: 

Examples of the types of issues you can report or get help with:
  • When a normal route is obstructed
  • When a disabled student needs help getting to a place (for example if they are blind and it is their first journey, or they are not familiar with the paths)
  • Library lifts/toilets or doors are not in working order
  • When they cannot access something online due to it not meeting standards for certain disabilities 
  • When their lecture has been moved to somewhere not accessible 
  • When they need a guide to help assist them to an unfamiliar event 
  • When they want to know who to contact about course work or disability screenings 

In an emergency, please call University Security, 0208 392 3333. 
If required, call the Emergency Services, 999 (please inform University Security if you phoned the Emergency Services, to ensure they can get to you as quickly as possible).